CIAL - house organ of the Chamber of Stationary Industry in Argentina, is a civil entity without profit purposes. The Chamber associates are companies producers, importers or global companies established in Argentina. During 2008 we started to work in a new challenge, a communication instrument to keep the members update of the different activities that take place in our industry. This involved a print magazine, electronic newsletters and a web page. All of them have the objective to order and deliver systematically all the news that may interest our value chain. With this spirit Cial News is born. The print magazine has 3 editions per year, and the number of copies rise up to 5.000 copies. The magazine is distributed freely to Stationary and Computer shops; retailers, wholesalers, offices suppliers and distributors of Argentina. In every new edition, members of the most important companies have certified at the printer the number of copies print; which later were distributed by the post. Since 1980 we look forward to update professionally all the members of our chain of value. We organize integrally the only exhibition of the kind in our country, called EXPOPAPELERIA and the CONGRESS OF THE STATIONARY INDUSTRY, in both events take place different types of activities, all in order to update with the latest tendencies, innovations and product launching. These workshops, seminars and speechs are directed to retailers and teachers. Cialnews Magazine e-mail: Editor: Mr. Arturo M. Herrera Coordinator: Mrs. Carla Stankevicius websites: website : e-mail :