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Partnership agreed with Vermes The branded goods companies Vermes B.V. from Almere, The Netherlands, and Edding from Ahrensburg, Germany, will go their separate ways from autumn this year. As part of a new cooperation, edding will exclusively distribute products from the Securit brand's home range in Germany and Austria. Edding is scheduled to start delivery and service in October 2020. The cooperation between the two brand companies enables Vermes, a leading provider of visual communication and signage in the hotel and hospitality industry, to develop new B2C channels, especially in the PBS and creative trade. Edding is expanding its range of creative products in Germany and Austria with the distribution of the Securit Home range. "We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the high-quality Securit creative and lifestyle range around chalkboards and signs for the private end user from October 2020 via our outdoor and indoor service," says Andreas Helmis, Managing Director of Edding Vertrieb GmbH. PBS Report/ Germany